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In the realms of international immigration, clarity is a rare and elusive thing.  
Without the ability to see the impact of decisions, you may find that an already risky area quickly becomes complex.
JA-IMC’s immigration practice is very strong, and supported by a dedicated partner network of legal practitioners, ready to help you in more than 15 countries.
Our complete visa and permit process management, opening a bank account or obtaining a Driver License, takes away the headaches of complex and ever-changing legal and compliance procedures.


Opening a Bank account

Driver License

If there is anything else...

For example: When you apply for a U.S. bank account, make sure you have the proper documentation.​​
You'll need a passport and a second form of identification, which can be one of the following: Employment ID with photo and signature.
State-issued ID or driver's license with signature.
Banks in other countries may request different kind of documents.
Why doin't you leave it with JA-IMC and take it from there?
​If you are about to obtain a Driver License somewhere abroad and get lost along the way with the paperwork then simply contact us and we will be there to assist you with your endeavors.

Please note that each Country has its own rules and regulations and all clients have to follow the requirements according to the Country's law.

It's just a matter of time until you are legally authorized to position yourself behind the wheel driving on the roads of your "new" Country.

... no matter what you like to accomplish with your global endeavor, we at JA-IMC are always here for you.

Try us out and you will be surprised.

There are virtually no limits.