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Forming a Company in the USA or Europe can be simple
Founding a company in the USA or in Europe is naturally a matter of interest for all those wanting to live and work on a self-employed basis in the USA or overseas in Europe at a future date. It is also a good idea for anyone already owning a company in overseas who wants to establish a branch in the USA and vice versas. But that’s not all.
Founding a company in the United States can be the right decision even when you and your company only want to be active outside the USA. With a company established in the USA you can be active in business worldwide. Founding a company in the United States then offers decisive advantages such as foundation without proven capital or an anonymous foundation. Those parameters vary if you choose founding a Company in Europe - but again, we are here to assist you.
It's easier with us. Why don't you choose us?
We – the JA-IMC Corporation – have created our website to assist you if you want to set up a company in the USA or in Europe. 
With our support you can form a LLC, LP or an Inc in the USA or any equivalent business ownership structure in Europe. 
Each type of company has its own advantages. Let us help you make the best decision and thus benefit from all of the advantages of founding your new foreign Company. 

With us, founding a company - on both sides of the Atlantic ocean - becomes a simple matter.
We offer attractive additional services not only for those who want to start business in Europe but also for those to be active in the USA.

JA-IMC Corp., we make the foundation of your company in the USA or Europe the easy start to your very personal success story.

Your successful business future starts right here.

Business Consulting
In addition to our Incorporation Services, we offer individual solutions for small businesses on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.
Starting with the incorporation process and up to establishing your branch location in the United States or in Europe, we can provide a suite of services.
These include identifying the right location for your business, setting up your office and taking care of any other requirements to get your business up and running.
You tell us what you need done, and we will take care of it.
With JA-IMC and our range of services you can expect extraordinary all-around professional support. 
With attention to detail, we will establish your branch as though it was our own.
As we are a small consulting firm this allows us to be more flexible and you to have a personal connection to us. We believe this is important and something you can not really expect, and will not get, from large consulting firms.
In addition, you  will not need to be concerned with getting charged for every call to us or for each and every thing we do for you.